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There are 14 bedrooms all with bunk beds (12 ensuite, 2 with adjacent toilet and showers, 1 with disabled access) sleeping 56 people in all. 


Groups are encouraged to bring their own sleeping bags.  A pillow and pillow case are provided for each bed. 




The centre has a well-equipped catering kitchen with commercial gas range, electric range, industrial dishwasher, fridge, freezer, fryer and microwave.



Servery and Dining Area


The servery, adjacent to the catering kitchen, has a range of kitchen units, bain marie servery, and a full set of crockery and cutlery.


The dining area seats up to 56 people.



The lounge is a relaxing, spacious area with seating for up to 24 people.  Large windows provide picturesque views overlooking the forest and deer park.

















Meeting Room


The meeting room seats up to 56 people. The seats can be stacked to allow the room to  be used for a variety of purposes. The well equipped adjoining kitchen is ideal for preparation of tea, coffee, and light suppers.



More images can be viewed on the Gallery page.


Gosford Forest Park

Gosford Forest Park comprises of 240 hectares of mixed woodland and open parkland. A wide range of walking, cycling, and eco trails are available to see the nature, wildlife, and historical features. For more information on Gosford Forest Park, visit


The function room beside Gosford Centre may be available to book for indoor games. ( Tel. 02837551277)


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